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The Crew's All Here!

Ordered before Christmas, delivered to an OAP sheltered housing complex in error, and opened by a complete stranger ('oh, you've come for the parcel with the toys in it'  TOYS?! I think you'll find that they're Premium Figures...), but finally our latest batch of Portrait of Pirates figures have reached their rightful home!
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Auchinawa 2010

On 18th November 2010 my girlfriend & I flew to Edinburgh to attend the convention Auchinawa – Scotland’s main anime event.  We had both attended the previous Auchinawa in 2008, which had been held at the Holiday Inn at Glasgow airport and enjoyed it very much.  The event had a mature feel to it, much like the Southampton based Minamicon, I saw no acts of bad behaviour and the schedule ran with little delay.  It had been a good convention so I was looking forward to Auchinawa 2010. 

We landed in Edinburgh airport the day before and hopped onto a shuttle bus.  The bus dropped us off just around the corner from the Hilton Hotel, where the event was held, with several restaurants, pubs, shops and Edinburgh Castle nearby, so excellent location.  The staff where friendly and helpful, upgrading us from the club wing to the main hotel.  After chilling out we entered the world of Auchinawa.  A full feature will appear on Animetion in the future, so here is a bullet point summing up in the meantime: 


- excellent room and friendly staff as mentioned. 

- fantastic breakfast with everything from fry-up, porridge, breads, pastries, pancakes, haggis and even whisky. 

- bar prices were very high.  Thankfully there was a Costcutters around the corner for us scabs. 

- buying outside meant drinking it upstairs in the room.  Boo. 

- there was only one large room, which made the popular adult panel difficult to get into on the Sunday. 

- rooms were well equipped, comfortable and warm however. 

- the hotel had many corridors and corners which made it feel like the Crystal Maze at times.  If it is held there again Royster should totally cosplay Richard O'Brien. 


- opening ceremony went well and the opening video was good fun (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afHbYHG8_v8).  

- pretty much all panels ran on time until the Sunday evening.  The auction was delayed and the adult panel in a room to small for its popularity.  The Celiidh was a great way to end the convention though.  

- the panels were of decent variety, with Jan Scott Frazier hosting another interesting panel.  Yaya Han and Tab also put on great panels.  

- the omake was one of the best I have attended.  Music, comedy, dancing and cosplay of great quality which was hugely entertaining. 


- excellent atmosphere throughout the weekend and no twats encountered.  Marvellous. 

- Team Giblets.  Awesome as always.  Plus Moley, Foxy, Royster and Nert. 

- Ehryn and ShadowJam.  Although we didn't chat much due tto your gophering, good to see you both again. 

Overall Auchinawa 2010 more then lived up to my expectations and a great convention to end 2010 on.  You can read the write up on the 2008 here - http://www.animetion.co.uk/features/Auchinawa/auchi08main.htm

Amecon 2010 round-up

I was just browsing through old posts and found this unfinished entry. Better late then never! The finished feature can be found here - http://www.animetion.co.uk/features/amecon10/ame10pg1.htm

Hi all, this is Tom. Depsite Rich sadly not making it to Amecon, one of the larger UK anime conventions, myself, Amy & Matt. We will be doing a feature about it on the main website but, in the meantime, here is a quick list of good and bad points.


- shuttle buses which ran from the train station to the venue, as well as around the venue itself. This saved us much money on taxis which gave me more money to spend in the dealers room. Excellent.

- friendly staff throughout the venue. The bar staff, cleaners and in particular security where all courteous and did a decent job from what we saw.

- onsite accomodation was actually close by to everything, so it was never far to walk to an event. The accomodation was decent enough as well, with showers that work and doors that don't lock you in, unlike a certain other convention.

- the free breakfast was simply marvellous. A cooked meal was a good start to the day and it was impressive you could eat as much as you want. The best breakfast deal we've seen at any con ever.

- the parties. Probably the best thing about Amecon is the parties imo and the AMV disco and Cosplay Ball did not disappoint. Although the lack of air conditioning meant lots of sweaty beatties very quickly, this did not deter me from dancing like a complete tit.

- the dealers room. Good variety of products and event info on offer and it was a decent sized room. Sadly there were some bootlegs there, but they were small in number.

- panels. A good variety of them and all were hosted well. Crossplay panel and industry panel were highlights for me, both well presented and interesting.


- Food. Despite the awesome breakfast there was not much else food wise. The restaurant did do a decent lunch, but it was shame this was only between 12pm & 2pm. Other then that there was pretty much only fried options, pizzas, etc. available. There was a pub within walking distance, although this did mean missing some of the convention to go there. The onsite shop was excellent for purchasing your own food to cook yourself, as well as a decent range of alcohol and snacks.

- Wasps. Not Amecon's fault, but there were hundreds of the little buzzing bastards outside the main building, which made queueing for the opening masquerade an ordeal. No stinging occured but wrestling the invisible man did.

- Queues. The queue for the registration was once again a long one, but this was probably due to the time I arrived during the early afternoon on the Friday.

- I didn't get a seat in the main hall for the opening ceremony, so had to watch on a feed at the back of the bar instead. Unfortunately the bar music still played for most of this, making the ceremony practically impossible to hear. Was a shame as people then starting talking amongst themselves, making things even harder to hear.

- As mentioned above, the air conditioning was non-existent at the venue where the AMV Disco and Ball were held. The socialising, drinking and dancing soon made me forget about that though.

OVERALL Amecon was an excellent event and had the best parties of all the conventions as always. The AMV Disco was huge fun, as was the cosplay ball. The Ball is something Amecon must take pride in, as it was once again a lovely way to round off a long weekend. Out of all the conventions in 2010 it was probably the best all-rounder.

New Competition!


Yes, it's been a while but we have a new competition up - this time we've teamed up with the excellent retailer Neon Martian (in our opinion the UK's best Japanese figure importer) to give you the opportunity to win a figure of the hot but psychotic Revy from Black Lagoon - in particular this figure:

Check out www.animetion.co.uk/competition for more details.

Competition open to residents of the UK and Eire only, closing date 27th December 2010


Slayers Revolution First Impressions

I am quite a big unashamed Slayers fan, so i've been looking forward to the release of this series for ages now. Slayers Revolution is somewhat unlike the previous three series in that it's only 13 episodes long,
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Eurocosplay First Impressions

Before I start I have a bit of a confession - it's been a while since i went to a cosplay masquerade or competition at the Expo. In fact the last one I went to was over three years ago, I don't fully know why I lost interest, i think it was just too many pointless skits and endless Final Fantasy cosplays.

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Recent Reviews!

All of us have been plugging away on the review front recently, so check out our latest reviews and as always feel free to leave comments!

Blade Of Immortal vol 1
Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes (PS3)
Black Rock Shooter OVA
Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva
Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit vol 1
Rozen Maiden Träumend 2
X vol 5
X vol 4


Sanrio lose court case

Is it quite bad that I find this slightly amusing?


I think it's the final comment 'Sanrio's publicity deparment said that it thought that Kathy did not resemble Miffy' that gets me, although to be fair if you're going to create a rabbit character in a Hello Kitty style then it's going to end up looking a bit like Miffy. Maybe they should have made it a different colour or something?

It's interesting that you can buy Miffy goods in Sanrio shops in Japan, I wonder if that will continue? I think Sanrio holds the Miffy license for Japan, so making their own version seems a bit pointless.

Still, random.


Hyper Japan Feature

Yes, there's more!

Surprisingly we have managed to do not one but two event review articles within about a month of the event happening, a feat which has surely never been acheived before by us (we normally have the final word on an event - literally). More will follow (yes, really), but in the meantime check out our Hyper Japan review on the link below, as always feel free to leave comments!



Studio Ghibli Allnighter


Not much posting of late as I have been trying to write stuff for the site (and have been distracted by the Expo, Dragon Ball Z and Cracked.Com), but now some of the fruits of my recent labour have arrived! First up is a review feature of the recent Sci-Fi London Oktoberfest Studio Ghibli Allnighter, which i quite enjoyed, and the day was made even better by the chance to catch the original Tron in the cinema plus some exclusive footage of Tron Legacy. This isn't covered in the article cos, well, we're an anime site, but damn does Legacy look good!

Anyway, back to the feature, here's the link, feel free to leave comments below.



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