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5 Anime Bargains (26 March 2012)

It is very tempting to buy anime. I am currently saving for a house and so have had to severely curb my spending, which means that I frequently gaze at all those shiny, shiny anime DVDs like a poor Victorian orphan with his nose pressed against the glass panes of a shop window, staring longingly at the toys that can never be his, hoping that some kind gentleman will take pity on his plight and, mayhap, adopt him into his family where he will win over all with his earthy charm and grow to become a made man who is accepted in respectable society.

Whilst this sometimes happens to adorable urchins I have quickly discovered that it is less likely to do so for 30 year old bearded men in trenchcoats. In fact the only gentlemen that approach you are the HMV security guards who ask in polite but firm tones that you stop staring longingly through the window as it is unsettling the staff.

So with charity not forthcoming i started looking for bargains, and with saving still paramount have taken the decision to live vicariously through others by sharing them with you instead of coveting them all for myself. So below are listed five anime bargains I have stumbled across this week which I highly recommend you check out, I may recommend more in future weeks (or maybe not, I am phenomenally lazy after all):

Hellsing Ultimate vol 1-4
Manga Entertainment
BBFC Rating: 15 / 18
Price: £2.99 - £3 per volume
Where: HMV (instore and online)

If you're a fan of action and horror you can't do much better than Manga's release of the Hellsing Ultimate OVAs. Sticking closely to the original manga storyline and boasting superb visuals, Hellsing Ultimate is a dark and violent story about the paramilitary organisation Hellsing who fight the forces of the undead with the aid of the powerful vampire Alucard. For £3 a volume this is an absolute steal, and Play.Com also have it for the same price.

Slayers Next Box Set
BBEFC Rating: 15
Price £12.99
Where: (Anime-On-Line

The best of the three original series of Slayers and better than the recent revival, Slayers Next is a fantastic mix of fantasy comedy and drama as the hot-tempered sorceress Lina Inverse journeys with the dim-witted swordsman Gourry Gabriev, stealing treasures, eating big dinners and saving the world. The series is available from distributor MVM's own retail site for just £12.99, as is its sequel series Slayers Try.

She, The Ultimate Weapon Complete Series + OVA
Manga Entertainment
BBFC Rating: 15
Price £12.98
Where: Play.Com

One of the most unique and heart-rending anime series to be released here, She, The Ultimate Weapon is a fantastic series that doesn't receive much recognition. The story follows a teenager who's girlfriend is being slowly turned into a weapon of mass destruction, and details the emotional toll this takes on both of them. It's poignant, harrowing, intriguing and engrossing, and at under £13 for the whole series and its OVA side story it deserves to be in your collection.

Neon Genesis Evangelion 1.11 and 2.22 Blu-Ray Collectors Editions
Manga Entertainment
BBFC Rating: 15
Price: £9.99 (1.11) and £10.00 (2.22)
Where: HMV (instore and online) and Play.Com respectively)

The Blu-Ray versions of the recent Evangelion films look and sound absolutely stunning, and you can pick up the collectors editions of both for under £20 if you buy from HMV and Play.Com. The standard Blu-Rays are around the £7 mark and the DVDs are even cheaper! The films follow the sullen teen Shinji Ikari as he is forced to pilot a giant robot and defend humanity from bizarre alien invaders, but that doesn't tell the half of it and these reimaginings of the seminal anime series are fantastic!

Panda Go Panda
Manga Entertainment
BBFC Rating: U
Price £2.99
Where: Pretty much everywhere that stocks it!

It may not be the best anime ever, it may be aimed at kids and it may look pretty dated now, but Panda Go Panda deserves attention just for its sheer bizarreness. It features a pretty strange plot and gives the panda an extremely odd accent in the English dub, which makes it perfect drunken viewing, but kids will also find plenty to like and it's interesting to see aome of Miyazaki's early work. Whatever your reson though for under £3 it's well worth picking up.

And that's my recommendations for this week, i cheated a bit by including both Evangelion films, but what the hell. Considering that lot adds up to around £61 in total I'm not expecting anyone to go out and buy them all, but if you did it's worth noting that the combined saving on the retail price would be a whopping £124! It's amazing what deals are out there...


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