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Casshern Sins Part 2 First Impressions

The first part of Casshern Sins has been one of the standout anime releases of the year so far in my opinion, and I was waiting for the follow up with baited breath!

Following the events of the last volume the remorseful Casshern now has a goal, and sets about trying to find Luna - the robot whose death at his hand caused the end of the world. In finding her he hopes to find some redemption for his sins, and he also hopes to cure the ruin in robots Ringo and Lyuze. However, there's no guarantee that her reappearance is anything more than a rumour, and Casshern is not the only one looking for her. Robots in their thousands are seeking her for healing, and those who've given themselves over to despair hunt down and destroy believers. Meanwhile the deadly Dio and Leda have gathered their army and march to find Luna too, they hope to use her powers for their own ends and will let nothing and no-one get in their way. With all of the main protagonists heading towards the same goal Casshern is set to face a reckoning that may prove the be his salvation, or his destruction...

Casshern Sins Part 2 carries on where the first volume left off with a further converging of storylines into one central narrative. Whilst this volume benefits from a more focused plot that explores some deep concepts such as the nature of mortality and the fear of change, it does lose some of the exploration of the devastated world that made the first part so compelling. However, the quality of the animation, action and storyline remains extremely high and the story is at times moving and extremely thought provoking. The melancholy air that pervaded the first volume is still present and this helps make Casshern Sins a truly individual and intriguing series that deserves to be seen - especially on Blu-Ray.


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