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The Crew's All Here!

Ordered before Christmas, delivered to an OAP sheltered housing complex in error, and opened by a complete stranger ('oh, you've come for the parcel with the toys in it'  TOYS?! I think you'll find that they're Premium Figures...), but finally our latest batch of Portrait of Pirates figures have reached their rightful home!

Yep we now have Strong World Sanji:


Strong World Brooke:

...and Strong World Franky:

And this means that we finally have the entire Strawhat crew in their Strong World iterations!!  The figures themselves rock massively, and we've been really impressed by how much Megahouse have squeezed into them.  Franky comes with numerous additional hands, two different pairs of sunglasses and even cola bottles to put into the openable cavity in his stomach!  Sanji comes with guns and his cigarette (plus he comes with a spare cigarette, which is pretty handy as it's a tiny piece), and Brooke comes with his top hat, cane, swordstick and tone dial.  All of them have oversized guns too, which is the only problem I really have with the Strong World range - most of the characters aren't really the gun type in the series, but most of them have guns in this range, which doesn't seem right.

Nonetheless the figures are awesome, and look good together too:


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